In 2019, two experienced samba musicians decided to start a new community drumming group in Warrington. Unfortunately, just six months after this decision and at the tail end of the planning stage, the Coronavirus pandemic hit, and with it, those plans were brought to a halt.

The UK Government has since announced plans to ease lockdown restrictions by 21st June 2021, and with that, we know many events and community groups are eagerly planning how to get back into venues and onto the streets. Batida Rio is no exception.

While we still can’t confirm a start date, we’re optimistic for September-October 2021. We are a registered non-profit company and our fundraising efforts have been more successful than we could have hoped for, and we’re hugely grateful to all of our supporters.

With that in mind we’re working extra hard in the background to make Batida Rio as engaging, exciting, and prepared as we possibly can. More announcements and content will be coming in the coming days and weeks.

Keep an eye on our social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more up-to-date news, and get in touch – we love to hear from people in Warrington and the surrounding area!


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