Drumming, Wellness and Community in Warrington

Batida Rio is the biggest Samba drumming group in Warrington, North West UK. It’s led by talented percussionists and drummers from the North West, with experience of playing live gigs, festivals, and parades for more than fifteen years. We focus on teaching and playing high-energy music that’s accessible to all, regardless of skill level or background. Our music is a fusion of Afro-Brazilian samba reggae styles, mixed with Latin, funk, rock and dance to create our own unique and exciting sound. Batida Rio is about making great music, physical and mental well-being, supporting our community, and making friends! 

Learn to Play

Learn the Afro-Brazilian roots of Samba, and contribute to the composition, evolution and performance of a very modern and unique style. Learn to play a diverse range of drums and percussion instruments at your own pace.

Make New Friends

Learn a fun new hobby, make new friends, and feel part of an inclusive, warm and welcoming group from across Warrington and the North West UK. Experience the energy and excitement of a samba bateria, in the best seat in the house!

Get Fit and Feel Happy

Playing an instrument and moving for extended periods is great for physical health and fitness, as well as the mental benefits of movement, the mindfulness of practice and the fun of making a ton of noise!

Looking to join?

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Looking to start a new hobby, make friends, and play music? We are always looking for new members. The first session is free, and no pre-booking is required, just turn up!

Our Address is Fearnhead Cross Community Centre, Insall Rd, Fearnhead, Warrington WA2. 

Practice Times: Every Thursday, 6:45pm-9pm. We start promptly at 7pm.

All equipment is provided, including sticks. You’ll be shown how to play simple rhythms right from the beginning, and even if you’ve never played before, you’ll be playing along in no time!

Looking to book a samba band?

Batida Rio performs all over the North West, but we’re Warrington at heart. We’ve brought great vibes, huge smiles and loud sounds to all kinds of events from small private parties and business events, to festivals and parades. 

We captivate audiences with a wide range of styles and instruments, whether that’s as part of a procession, a static performance – or both!

If you’re organising an event in the area and you want to add something that draws audiences in, and livens the atmosphere, get in touch for our availability and booking information. 

Our professional instructors also run workshops, corporate teambuilding events, school sessions, and teaching groups for all ages. We are available in Warrington and surrounding areas for introductions to Brazilian Samba, the rhythms, and fun learning exercises.

Please note that, like most big samba bands, our calendar fills up quickly – contact us early to avoid disappointment! Our contact details are available at the bottom of this page.

Latest News


Venue and Times are now up!

We’re pleased to announce that we have secured our venue for the foreseeable future! Batida Rio will take place at Fearnhead Cross Youth and Community Centre, Insall Road, Padgate, Warrington…


What is Samba?

Samba is a style of music from Brazil, South America. It originates from the 1920s community music of Rio de Janeiro. The word ‘samba’ originally meant ‘popular dance’ before coming to mean the fusion of Brazilian Samba dance and music. Today, it’s practiced across Brazil through street performance, as well as the Rio carnival. The style has been exported across the world, it has fused with other styles, including funk and reggae, as well as popular Latin music. 

When we talk about Samba as Batida Rio, we’re referring to percussion-based music using Brazilian street instruments. 

Can anyone play Samba?

Yes! It’s traditionally a community music form, where the rhythms are passed down through generations, and learned by a whole community. Everyone in the community, young and old, joins in the local Samba. There are some techniques to learn, but anyone can pick up and play the basic rhythms. Don’t think you have rhythm? Never played Samba before? Come and see us, and we’ll prove you wrong!

Is Samba accessible?

Our samba percussion instruments range from 22″ large drums, right down to hand-held drums. Our heaviest drums weigh approximately 6kg and we play with the instruments on straps, rather than stands. If you have specific accessibility needs, we’ll talk through those on a case-by-case basis, and there are plenty of options. Our building is fully wheelchair accessible. 

Do I need any of my own equipment? 

No, all of the drums, straps, and sticks are provided. You just need to turn up!

What do I need to wear?

Suitable clothing for a medium-intensity activity, and comfortable shoes. 

Is there an age limit?

Due to the size of the drums we use, attendees should be a minimum of 12 years old. Attendees under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. There are no supervisory or play areas available for children to wait during sessions. If you have any questions, please contact us. 

How can I book/pay?

No pre-booking required – we accept cash and contactless payment at the door. We don’t do subscriptions or pre-payment options, so you only pay when you want to play. Normal sessions are currently just £5. 

Lottery Community Fund
Supported by the National Lottery

Get in touch!

Use the contact form to the right to contact us, or email contact@batidario.org. Alternatively, reach out on our social media.

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