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Batida Rio is the first Samba percussion group in Warrington, North West UK, opening in 2021. It’s led by a small team of talented percussionists and drummers from the North West, with experience of playing live gigs, festivals, and parades for more than fifteen years. We focus on teaching and playing high energy music that’s accessible to all, regardless of skill level or background. Our music is a fusion of Afro-Brazilian samba reggae styles, crossed with funk, rock and dance to create our own unique and exciting sound. Batida Rio is about making great music, physical and mental well-being, supporting the wider Warrington community, and making friends! Come down to one of our regular sessions to learn more!

Join Us!

We’re looking for people of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels. Whether you’ve played samba or percussion instruments before, or you’re looking to give a new hobby a go, our music is bigger than the sum of its parts. Don’t think you have rhythm? We’re going to prove you wrong!  We have a wide range of instruments to try, and you’ll be encouraged to try all of them over time to find your favourite. The majority of our instruments are Surdo drums, snare drums, and a range of other Brazilian instruments. 

You won’t need any equipment either; we have a full compliment of drums, percussion, straps and sticks. Dress for comfort, as you would a light workout session. We’re based in central Warrington; check our Contact Us section and sign up to our Newsletter for our current rehearsal venue. 

Learn to Play

Learn the Afro-Brazilian roots of Samba, and contribute to the composition, evolution and performance of a very modern and unique style. Learn to play a diverse range of drums percussion instruments at your own pace.

Make New Friends

Learn a fun new hobby, make new friends, and feel part of an inclusive, warm and welcoming group from across Warrington and the North West UK. Experience the energy and excitement of a samba bateria, in the best seat in the house!

Get Fit and Feel Happy

Playing an instrument and moving for extended periods of time is great for physical health and fitness, as well as the mental benefits of movement, the mindfulness of practice and the fun of making a ton of noise!

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Blogs and Articles

2020-2021 Co-Op Community Fund

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Our COVID-19 Response

Just a short one to elaborate on our response to the unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in. During the lockdown and into the social distancing measures recommended by the World Health Organisation and the NHS, Read more…

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